This crowdfounding is dedicated to the last book of the photographer Gerald Assouline,
Eastern Ghosts and Angels.

With your support, you make possible to carry out a book project, conceived with total intellectual freedom, and to share it directly to you, without intermediaries.

It is about Eastern Europe, Europe. Welcome to Europe…!

The intention

This wandering to East of Europe took Gerald Assouline from Riga in Latvia (1999) till Vilkovo on the Danube delta, in Ukraine (2010) and Szczecin in Poland (2016). During those seventeen years, the photos of the book have been taken in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, between East and West, at the Eastern European borderlands. It is about an ‘in between’ human and geographic space (or territory), but also into a time ‘in between’ - between past and present - with traces and absences from the past, irrigating our vision of present. Traces of the past and present, in which few human presence can be noticed…Absences make presence even more perceivable. This relation to traces is very subjective: “traces in me, traces of me”. Gerald Assouline catches what others don’t see or do not want to see.

Several stories cross each other, in this ghosts and angels story:

  • Stories of the past: absent people take us back to yesterday or before yesterday. Slowly ghosts pass, time passes by, distances pass. And the author, like a ghost, passes and disappears. It is a work on “passing” or “passage”.
  • Life stories of the present: “flesh and blood” encounters punctuate this erratic trajectory, like anchoring steps into reality. The photographer doesn’t see ghosts faces, but sees angel faces of living people. He photographes them: faces and bodies of those who appear sometimes on a miraculous way. Necessary moments of breathing. Life is there, so present, so palpable.

The book

Eastern Ghosts and Angels is a 120 pages object, Italian format, measuring 203 x 295 mm.
It contains some 75 black and white photos, with introductory texts by Caroline Benichou (curator, Paris) and Gerald Assouline.
A short novel by Nicolas Bokov, Russian writer living in Paris, One way journey, illuminates this long trip at the borderlands of Europe.

The book will be published and available from March 19, 2018.
We propose to you several options for ordering it : a normal edition, and several possible special limited editions, signed by Gerald Assouline, with a limited number print of one of the photos of Gerald’s book.